Hi, I’m Ariel Grace Snapp

arielI am an experience design strategist, mom, artist, writer and generally creative gal.

I presently lead a software design team creating stellar user experiences for multimillion dollar enterprise software.

I also help people unlock creativity in order to feel happier, tell better stories and make a larger impact on the world.


In the Future Will Anyone Value Commitment?

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I recently attended my grandma and grandpa’s 70th wedding anniversary. Wow. That is quite an achievement that few reach in life. Seventy years of commitment to another. Three days before the celebration, my grandma fell and got fractures in her hip. She was in the hospital, but we all made the best of the event and celebrated with her. She impresses me, despite it all she was so grateful and happy to be with her family. The same type of thing happened last summer at a wedding for my cousin. She fell and broke a rib but pushed right...

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UX Strategy and Agile or Lean

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I recently attended a one day UX Strat masterclass in Boulder offered by Paul Bryan. It was a lovely day refreshing my perspective that UX strategic work really can make strides and is gaining traction in the world. It was so wonderful to hear about him helping to influence not just product strategy, but business strategy for large organizations by bringing in truly relevant metrics and ethnographic research about target customers and users. One topic that I found intriguing was that he mentioned that often agile or lean methodologies do not...

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Building Digital Experiences for the Feminine

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I recently wrote a few posts on what I termed “conscious experience design.” I’ve since realized I was not fully owning the influences of what shift is truly required for design in the digital space. In fact, the shift that is needed is to add more feminine traits to digital experiences. Women naturally often have more feminine qualities and respond to more feminine products and services. Keep in mind however, that we all possess both feminine and masculine qualities, so this is not about building digital experiences for...

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Let’s Talk Trash

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There are two kinds of trash talk I’d like to cover in this post: 1. Typical “trash talk” – criticism and how we can re-frame it in our interactions with ourselves and others 2. Waste of human capital in corporations and what that looks like specific to software development Topic 1: From Critic to Supporter It is easy to fall into criticism of yourself or others. When we do this, we divert the attention from self-improvement towards belittling. We move our attention from building ourselves and others up to tearing...

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A Good Life

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“A good life isn’t a place at which you arrive, it is a lens through which you see and create your world.” (Jonathan Fields’ GoodLifeProject.com) I’ve found myself in a place of reflection and retrospection of the past year of my life and the rapid journey I have been on with integrating different parts of myself that had gone on hiatus after my busy life got the best of me. Last year I wanted to create and write a lot, but at the moment things are shifting. So far this year I mostly just want to enjoy small...

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Why Saying No is Nice

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Over the last year, despite all the same external circumstances of a highly hectic life, I decided I had to slow down. It has been the best thing I’ve ever done. It makes me smarter with my time, wiser with what I say, kinder to those I interact with and generally less stressed. Granted, there have been a lot of self reflective improvements and growing up I had to do to get better at this, but by far the largest factor was allowing myself time to not feel frantic. Meditation, Bach, walks, painting and reading have all given me quick...

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Happy New Moon and 2014! Spending some time on a renewed perspective today has been clarifying for me. It is amazing how hard it is to see what is right in front of you and screaming to be expressed. For me, my fantasy novel that I am working on, the light that twinkles so brightly in my daughters’ eyes and the reflection of sparkle off of every single surface on this planet is what fascinates me and motivates me to carry on, despite all the darkness. My core desired feeling that stands out the most today is that I want to feel sparkly....

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Poem for Pain

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If but my words could soothe your wounds I would whisper words until the end of time But words alone do not heal If you would allow me to hold you So that the weight of the world was not yours alone Perhaps then you could begin to trust again To feel again To believe that life is indeed meant to be lived in full color In shimmering abandon Only then would you once again revel In the moon caressed twirl of a dancing water flame

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Shiny Christmas

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My little baby vomitted on my italian leather shoes last night, and while I may slightly be uncomfortable in the moment, mostly I just wanted my baby to be okay. She has had a pretty hard and sick second Christmas. My family though, we are pretty adaptable at this point. I told my five year old daughter that Santa was more spirit than real, determined not to “lie” to her about it, and whoosh. It went right over her head. Santa is SO real to her. Watching the Croods, courtesy of Santa, I love the message of this cartoon, more than...

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Characteristics of Conscious XD

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Characteristics of Conscious XD

“Science and technology have amplified the effects of the dysfunction of the human mind in its unawakened state to such a degree that humanity, and probably the planet, would not survive for another hundred years if human consciousness remains unchanged.” – Eckhart Tolle This post will explain the fundamental shifts necessary in moving from the existing culturally influenced approach around experience design to a more well rounded paradigm. Download PDF This is not about good or bad, right or wrong. Instead, this post...

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