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I'm a consultant and coach for people-centric, socially conscious business leaders.

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Hi I'm Ariel

Hi, my name is Ariel Grace Snapp. I work with motivated business leaders just like you that want to bring people-centric ways back to our way of living and working.

I'm also a mom, and its a big part of how I design my lifestyle.

The Cultivating Edges Leadership Programs are online based training programs that help you create from a new perspective - cultivating your personal leadership skills and how you show up in the world.

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What My Clients Say

  • Ariel's wholehearted approach allowed me to find my own truths - including many aha! moments - as I examined the roots of the issues standing in the way of my forward progress.

    Catherine Moss Mom of 3
  • Ariel has taught me the meaning of User Experience. She is as fearless as she is creative and driven, yet somehow maintains a very laid-back and friendly approach.

    Matthew Durflinger Product Manager, Pitney Bowes Software

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