Experience Strategist
15 years CX/UX/UI delivering integrated digital experiences
Feminine Leader
Life design as a multifaceted, feminine creator
Creative Unstickler
Coach for designing creative lifestyles

Ariel Grace Snapp

Ariel Family-48I’m known as a customer and user experience design strategist, leader, story teller, design thinker, artist, writer and lover of the way people think, interact and experience the world. The¬†quest for a soul-filled, intentional life is my obsession. I have two beautiful daughters who teach me something new about life everyday.

I want to make sure that I am the best possible role model for my daughters, and to do that, I create a life with intention. Each day, I make more conscious choices towards that path. Intentional living is the only way to thrive. Living a life by design is not easy. It’s messy, it’s uncomfortable, it’s confronting. But it’s so worth it to find a way to live to your fullest potential and in your authentic truth.

Life by Design

Soulful truths for a designed life:

  1. Doing too much will not serve anyone. Taking care of yourself in your unique ways and creating a lifestyle that supports your needs is essential to a healthy, happy life.
  2. Leverage is critical to your success in life. Leveraging your strengths, leveraging your circumstances. Leverage. Accept help and receive it with gratitude.
  3. Sometimes, you’ll get stuck. Getting unstuck is one of my favorite past times (okay, its actually a pain, but its part of life!)
  4. Reflect and celebrate. Finding unique ways to celebrate your personal and professional growth is critical to see how far you’ve come and helps you along your journey forward.

ReShape Poetry

I’ve collected some of my art and poetry from the last few years and put them together into this collection. Available in print softcover, hardcover or ebook format.

The work includes musings about soul and path, purpose and pain, pleasure and stardust. My macrophotography (cover art), watercolor, oil and digital art is all infused into this work to stir the soul and bring hope and inspiration to the restless hearts of the many that seek the truth and follow the light.

Available here! http://bit.ly/reshapepoetry