Free Worksheet to Clear Your Mind

Clean Out the Old, Make Room for the New

I admit it. This worksheet was entirely developed for my own bombarding mind which has an endless to do list running in the background. My mind which has so many “I wish I coulds…” or “Someday I wills…”

This exercise is a brain dump for ALL of it. All of the bucket lists. All of the somedays. All of the to dos. All of the must dos. All of the stuff racketing in your brain.

ClearingRitual-smallI use the simple card sort method here to cut and group all of these things into categories, which we can then much more easily take action on in our lives.

Just the act of getting this out from your mind and onto the paper will feel like a little freedom (at least it does for me).

Then, to also take action on these and commit to where they ‘fit’ is invaluable to getting a nice spring cleaning in the cobwebs of our minds.

Repeat as often as needed to ‘reset’ today and make room for a clearer, more intentional tomorrow.

And feel free to tweak, adapt and provide me feedback in the comments below!

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1 thought on “Free Worksheet to Clear Your Mind

  1. Sheryl says:

    Thanks, Ariel. This is such a great idea! I plan to try this.

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