What is Freedom?

Tomorrow marks the United States of America’s celebratory day of independence. It seems therefore a rather appropriate time to discuss what freedom is and how to be and feel free.

For each of us, our unique story will unfold how we approach life and how we feel about it. It took me all of my life to get to a place, finally, where I a feel free inside. For many, many years, I was caught in the system. The societal structure of how things should be. Now, I feel free. What shifted in my external life to reach this feeling of freedom? Nothing. The only thing that shifted was how I approach life.

Back in 2010, I was convinced that the only way to be free, truly free, was to be financially free. To win the big lottery or have tons of passive income so I could do whatever I wanted with my time.

Now, after a lot of inner reflection, I realize that freedom is a choice. That seems obvious, but it is perhaps one of the hardest things to do. This is what people spend their lives working towards. Feeling free, being free, and having the clarity to direct their life’s path to the greatest experience for them.

For me, what has expanded since I made this choice of freedom is that I have a new thirst for life again. I want to expand my knowledge in areas of interest that I had not been pursuing for a while. I want to meet and be around inspiring people. I want to renew my energy and grow as an individual. I want to be a better, more present mother. I want to be physically healthy. I have wanted all of these in the past but I was acting like a victim. I was just staying stuck and complaining about somedays. I knew I was waiting, but I didn’t know how to get moving.

Now I know how. All that it takes is to start with baby steps. Convince yourself that its acceptable to take care of your needs at least a little bit each day. Take a few minutes to quiet your mind. Listen to what you need. Eventually, you start to rewire your brain. You start to actually think more positively, more hopefully, more expansively. It is an amazing and exciting process.

Freedom comes from within, and no one can ever take that away from you. If they do, its because you chose to let them.

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