When is it Okay to Release Junk-ish?

When is okay to release your work out into the world? Pretty darn early on. There are some guidelines for this that I’ll suggest though:

Whether you are a business or an individual, trying to produce products or services or just express your goodness inside of you, there is a ton of value in testing it out with your tribe. When do you do that? I would suggest the following guidelines to releasing “junkish” or “good enough” into the world:

  1. Tell people that you are not done yet, this might seem obvious, but a lot of businesses do not do this and they just release crap to unknowing full paying poor souls
  2. Release your work to a small audience and have the intention of learning from them to make the product better
  3. Change your work based on a balance of feedback and what you or your business needs

Remember, all of life is a beta test, so just be open about that and accept imperfection, get feedback and keep on plugging away at it!

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