Pop the Block

Play Your Way to a Clearer Mind

If you have been practicing mindfulness and looking inward, chances are you are starting to recognize all of the monsters and inner critics that may be getting in the way of you shining your brightest in your life.

Visualizing and recognizing your monsters can be very helpful and take you a long way to quieting the doubt and fear in your mind.

Another, playful way to begin to clear and rewire your brain is to experience or ritualize your clearing meditations in physical form. Many people practice the ritual of burning letters or photos of memories that they want to let go of and release. But there are many, many more fun ways to experientially visualize and release blocks. In other words, visualization games make it possible to play your way to a better you.

Making your inner work fun can be just as rewarding and perhaps even more powerful than taking yourself too seriously. Just the practice, the habit, the act of releasing anything, even if you do it with humor can be very powerful at rewiring your brain to start allowing more of what you do want into your life.

Try this game to bring the age old balloon visualization meditation into reality and have  some fun with it!

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Estimated Time Needed: 15 to 30 minutes

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For this game you will enter in concrete examples of when you recently created or experienced an interaction in one of the following four common blockers: shoulds, judgement, competitive or time.

Shoulds are all of the things you think you must do, some of which you may be doing on auto-pilot rather than intentionally. Judgement can be self judgement or judgement of others that you would rather not spend your mind power on in the future. Competitive is the notion that you may not be able to get somewhere or do something because you compare yourself to others. Time is the concept that you do not think you can make progress towards something you want because you currently feel that there is not enough time in your day to accomplish it.

We will then use small balloons (water balloons don’t work, just blow up regular balloons to a size that will pop and make a nice boom!) and tape the bottom of the filled balloon on top of the blocker (often called a limiting pattern or belief). This visual meditation allows you to physically and mentally picture the limiting interaction. Now, get a tack or needle. You will pop each one. As you do so, say the following phrase out loud or in your head:

 “I would like to pop and release the limiting belief that  { BELIEF } such as when I {YOUR EXAMPLE}.”

An example:

“I would like to pop and release the limiting belief that I should take care of others before myself such as when I did not eat healthy or exercise because I believed I was too busy taking care of my job and my kids.”

A playful variation of this is to use a dart game where you write the blocking example on the balloon using a marker, tack it onto a large cork board and throw darts or push pins at it until you get a certain one to burst. Repeat your phrase after you have popped a certain blocker and imagine it completely released with that beautiful burst. I definitely encourage a celebration jig when you pop a balloon!

You are welcome to carry out the same game adding different blockers that apply to you.

Give it a try, play it with friends, make clearing your mind clutter a fun, rather than  daunting, activity today!

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  1. Dory says:

    I love this idea! I think I may even write the idea on the balloon itself so I can see it literally explode! Thanks, Ariel. I needed this now.

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