I Reject the UI Fashion Industry

Flat Design, 3D Design, Invisible Design. These are all buzz words. Fashion trends.

I choose not to follow the trend.

I choose fit for purpose design.

Apple, please do not copy trends or set new ones just for the sake of re-invention.

Let’s not lose touch with the fact that these technical devices that our culture and society is so obsessed with are not as rich and beautiful as the real world.

Let’s make technology a part of our life, but not let it control our every thought.

Let’s make sure that children’s books are still tactile.

Let’s draw and color sometimes, too.

Let’s remember that every idea and fashion trend has already been done. Let’s try not to get so caught up in copying the trends that we forget why we started or what our intentions are.

Let’s design lives, UIs and businesses that are fit for purpose.

Let’s design based on realness and truths and then let us realize that those truths will change and so will our design. Let’s not change our design if our truth has not changed. Let’s make sure that design change is based on vision and purpose rather than trendsetting and profits.

Feel free to sweep yourself away with the flow of the river, just make sure that it is the right river to flow down.

2 thoughts on “I Reject the UI Fashion Industry

  1. Coral says:

    You got my attention the moment you said let’s keep children’s books tactile. I’m not a parent (to a human – I have furry kids), but that sentence brought me back to curling up in a corner with a book for hours as a child. The feel of an old book with its rough pages. An old faithful I would read again and again – with the spine developing ripples of white from the constant opening and closing. The crackling noise of a new book. You don’t get that playing games on an iPad.

    When I used to teach craft classes so many of the ladies in my class hadn’t done colouring in since they were kids. Their faces would light up at such a simple pleasure. After a life time of putting creativity to the side, you could see the strain of everyday wash away from their faces with something as beautiful and simple as colouring in.

    With technology we sometimes forget the joy in the tactile. Writing a draft blog post with a notepad and pencil – the feel and scratchy noise of a pencil running over paper is so much more conducive to creativity than tapping away on a keyboard. I love making art you want to not just see but touch. I often rub my hands over my art journal pages as I look at them. I think my word for today will be TACTILE.

    1. Ariel Snapp says:

      Yes! A few years back I wrote a post on Wisebread about how you could go paperless at home. I didn’t realize it would happen so fast though and its scary! I love trees and do not want to waste them, but there has to be a happy medium where we are still able to FEEL and DO with our hands! We humans will have to revolt against losing all paper by finding new ways to bring back its popularity.

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