One of the most prominent insecurities I have noticed with working women is their discomfort for asking for compensation, for asking for more money, for valuing their services at a certain rate. I have written about this before, and I can tell it is an area I will continue to help people (and particularly women) continue to grow in.

Charging for your time is respectful for both the people you serve and for you to be able to maintain your health and well being so that you can do your best work.

How much you charge is circumstantial and can be influenced by a variety of factors including the going rate of what you do, your years of experience, your level of skill and education, to name just a few. Or, perhaps you get endorsed by a TV show and all of the sudden demand requires you to reconsider your pricing.

The important part is that we are all human. No one human is “worth” more than another human. Some simply have figured out how to create wealth and income in a way that allows them to craft their particular lifestyle of choice.

Many people do not have the luxury of creating a service business or determining what they will make. In this case, I would still say that if there is a will there is always a way. There are endless ways to create new sources of revenue if you focus your energy and effort, particularly with online distribution and digital marketing.

What I remind people often is that their worth has nothing to do with how much money they make. Your money and how you manage it, how you create more, how you spend it, all of it is a reflection of your world view and how you interact with the world around you. Your worth though, my dear, is infinite. You are more sparkly than a thousand diamonds, more gorgeous than the gems at the bottom of the ocean. Can you see that?

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