A powerful leader once said to me that “Indecision is purgatory.” I have know this to be true in my own life. Often times we get stuck in wondering if we are making the “right” decision. What we forget is that it is all path. The world adjusts to our decisions. If we stay stuck, and in indecision though, the world reflects that back to us also.

I’ve done a lot of soul searching and soul studying over the past five years. I have discovered my intuition’s voice and a new realization that even when I falter, if I am following my “yes” voice I can trust my decisions. Even when things get rocky, I can see things through. Make a decision and move. You can always course correct if you need to. Each day you evolve into the newer version of you.

Great leaders know that both in personal and professional areas we need to trust ourselves, make decisions, accept responsibility for our actions and move on. Ready, set go! 2017 watch out, we’ve got stuff to DO!

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