Compassion is infused in everything I do and create.

I’m a design thinker, strategist, mom, feminine leader, artist, author. Most of all, I’m choosing an intuition and soul-oriented life by design. Over the last few years, my doing nature has been rebalancing into softness and being more present to life’s unfolding. This has taught me how to shift what I do and how I do it.

I think about people and how to best tell the story of their interaction with the world. I think about how to make better products and services in the future that solve real problems. I think about how to ease people’s pain and make their lives better. I think about beauty, design and typography. I think about psychology and motivation.

On my blog, I like to share my art and beautiful quotes, wisdom, poems and tips from myself and other brilliant people around crafting your personal story, philosophy, creativity, motivation, the power of our senses, the beauty of attention, life by design, user experience, leadership, intentional living and more.

I’ve written hundreds of articles, here are a few popular ones to get you started:

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